ASK™ if we can make teaching serology easier for you?

Advanced Serologic Kodecytes G (ASKG™) are specifically designed
for teaching, training and quality control use of IgG serologic reactions
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  • Modified red cells – genuine antibody serological reactions
  • Designed for teaching recognition and grading of IgG serologic reactions
  • Allow for creation of artificial antibody identification panels

Advanced yet simple to use

  • Simply reconstitute FSL-ASKG and incubate with washed red cells to create ASKG-kodecytes
  • Select your own ASKG antibody positive and negative plasma/serum samples from random donors
  • With just one group O red cell sample and a few selected plasma/serum samples you will have ability to make
    • IAT reactions from weak to strong
    • common and rare antibody reactions
  • No need for rare antibodies or ID panel cells
  • Compatible with most serological platforms, including automated and manual tube & CAT

Click here for editable handouts, notes and worksheets, easily adapted for your training manual