Monoclonal anti‐A activity against the FORS1 (Forssman) antigen

Summary: In the absence of natural FORS1-positive red blood cells (RBCs), kodecytes were created with synthetic disaccharide and pentasaccharide Forssman function-spacer-lipid (FSL) constructs, Fsdi-kodecytes, and FORS1-kodecytes, respectively. FSL constructs were also applied to solid surfaces and used in solid-phase enzyme immunoassays.

Barr, Katie, Elena Korchagina, Inna Popova, Nicolai Bovin, and Stephen Henry. “Monoclonal anti‐A activity against the FORS1 (Forssman) antigen.” Transfusion (2015); 55(1): 129-136.

DOI: 10.1111/trf.12773