Technology Overview


All natural biological surfaces (e.g. cells, viruses, microbes, and organisms) exhibit a large range of complex biological molecules with functions ranging from structural integrity and basic biological processes to key modulators of chemical communications and other functions such as protection, adhesion, infectivity, apoptosis, etc.

The ability to precisely control, manipulate and mimic biological surfaces, and alter their properties is potentially one of the most important areas in biotechnology. Modified natural and/or synthetic biosurfaces have applications in diagnostics, biotherapeutics, tissue engineering, transplantation, immunology, oncology, drug targeting and release, biosensors, bioelectronics and research & development.

Kode™ “nanotechnology paint” of functional-spacer-lipid (FSL) constructs offer unparalleled flexibility for mimicking biosurface components and attaching novel function(s) to intact biological and synthetic surfaces alike.

Kode™ Technology

is based on amphiphatic