One Platform, Numerous Advantages

The technological features of Kode™ FSL constructs and the koding process can be summarized as follows:

BROAD: Widest application range of any technology to modify living or synthetic surfaces with almost any functional molecule

SIMPLE: Simplest and most rapid biosurface modification/engineering technology available today. No specialised equipment required. Modified surface within 2 hours

ENABLING: Constructs in an aqueous solution spontaneously insert, encapsulate, adhere, or are entrapped as a stable and robust surface modification.

Gain ability to use non surface attaching molecules or non binding surfaces.

Expand experimental options by using the same construct and method on different biological and synthetic surfaces (e.g. cells, viruses, paper, microspheres).

ADDITIVE: Builds upon existing technologies by adding additional features and functions, including the ability to add multiple distinct features in one step.

ENHANCING: Increase sensitivity and specificity through optimization of biomarker presentation and orientation.

High signal to noise with minimal non-specific interactions.

OPTIMIZED: Simply change FSL concentrations to create an extensive range of reproducible quantitative variants, including standardised calibration curves.

Variable spacer and lipid components allows for optimization of the functional head.

RELIABLE: Robust and replicable process – same methodology for all constructs and same results every time.

Stable for easy handling and shipment.

GENTLE: Koding does not impair normal biological functions (other than to introduce a new function/effect).

Non-genetic, non-covalent, gentle process involving no solvents, detergents or harsh chemicals.

Reduces risks of inadvertent modification of normal functions.

COMPATIBLE: Koded products usually retain their normal behaviours and are still compatible with previous analytical platforms or for in vivo use.

SAFE: Additional handling/environmental precautions are not required for modified cells/viruses/organisms.

Modification is unable to be replicated in progeny making safe environmental release.

TEMPORARY: Modification retention is dependent on rate of surface activity, environment of exposure and vitality allowing for normal recovery and the design of specific vitality/activity assays.

PROVEN: Published peer-reviewed journal articles Several commercial products in the market.

AVAILABLE: Off-the-shelf Kode™ R&D constructs are currently available (Custom built constructs upon request).

Scalable, manufacturable and cost effective.

Fully characterized and quality controlled.