Because the amount of antigen attached to the surface of a cell can be controlled a variety of quality control kits have been made. Immulab, a Paragoncare company (formerly CSL) currently distributes ABO blood group quality controls systems including the products Securacell™ and Controlcell™. Additionally the principles can be extended into teaching kits, which can be used by training organizations to create a full range of antigen reactions for training purposes.


A major feature of kodecytes is they can be modified with an infectious marker and still be used in routine diagnostic platforms. Prototype products based on syphilis, chagas and other transfusion transmissible diseases are under evaluation. Blood group antigens from Asians have been created as FSLs and added to European red cells thus creating an advanced antibody screening product which is in current clinical diagnostic use – AbtectCell II and PhenoCell C.


Cosmetics, gels, topicals, nebulizable (for lung delivery).


Although no therapeutic product is as yet on the market, Kode™ Technology has been and is being used in a variety of product research pipelines. These include:

  • Neutralization/inhibition – viruses, toxins, antibodies
  • Microbe vaccines – adjuvants, immunogens, tolerance
  • Cell therapy – targeting, masking
  • Drug delivery – targeting, coatings
  • Imaging – cells, vasculature